Having a fully comprehensive Linkedin profile makes you 27x more likely to be found by recruiters.

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Experienced Recruiters

With their vast experience put to use just for you, they make your Linkedin profile really POP!

Get Found 

With so much competition out there, we make your profile stand out from the crowd.

Expert Knowledge

We research, write, and install your keyword search optimized work history, summary, and skills.

Why is linkedin so important?

94% of recruiters are searching for talent on LinkedIn, 36% of job seekers are. Take advantage of this.

Per the Wall Street Journal, 70% of people who start new employment were not looking or submitting applications to postings, rather they were contacted by a recruiter who saw their LinkedIn profile in search results.

A comprehensive LinkedIn profile increases interviews 71%, per the Forbes chart.

LinkedIn is the largest job board for director, vice president and c-level executive positions.

A professional profile builds credibility when, not if, employers put your name in search engines.

A consistent, professional match to your resume when recruiters research you.

Create a global network that you can use to maximise your potential in finding a new job or to simply help people find and buy your products.

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Are you an All-Star?

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How to get started?

1. Select and pay for your service.
2. Complete our short questionnaire.
3. Draft written by our expert team.
4. Review the draft profile.
5. Revisions.
6. LinkedIn  installation.

How about spreading the cost?

We offer

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Plans & Pricing


Unlimited sections, Up to 10 years experience. 


  • Professionally written Profile

  • Assigned Personal writer

  • Editable formats

  • Unlimited revisions

  • Skills & Goals assessment

  • Perfect for Mid-level candidates with up to 10 years experience

  • Targeted profile analytics

  • Basic Job search Plan

  • Access to our Recruiter Network

  • Satisfaction guaranteed


Unlimited sections, More than 10 years experience. Senior Management positions.


  • Professionally written Profile

  • Assigned Personal writer

  • Editable formats

  • Unlimited revisions

  • Skills & Goals assessment

  • Perfect for Senior/Director level candidates

  • Targeted profile analytics

  • 1-2-1, 30 min job coaching session

  • Detailed Job search Plan

  • 2 Updates

  • Access to our Recruiter Network

  • Keyword Optimisation

  • Satisfaction guaranteed


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Weng, Head of Operations

I had never used nor seen the value in Linkedin, having grown frustrated having not been interviewed for 2 months i used the CV experts to create my professional online profile and CV. I was hired 3 weeks later. Enough said!


Claire, English Teacher

They created my completely professional Linkedin profile, making lots of excellent hints and recommendations i had never thought of. I got my current job through Linkedin 2 months later. Thanks!

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Fon, Business Owner

Amazing professional service, completed in less than a week. I saw instant results driving growth for our business almost immediately.


Let us do the hard work for you.