Resume Tips For 50+ Job Seekers

Daniel Wiesen, the Co-founder and director of CvXperts, a organization assisting workers over age 50, knows a thing or two about ageism in the workplace. He has worked with small and large organizations, both public and private, on recruitment and career transition issues.

When it comes to the resume, Daniel says job seekers must understand the negative perceptions and bias directed at older workers. When applicants know the barriers they're up against, they can craft their resumes to defuse those stereotypes and dismiss fears.

Daniel offers these guidelines to increase interview opportunities and, if all goes well, a solid offer.

  • Recruiters are overworked and don't have time to analyze your resume for possibilities. They want to see evidence that you can do the job. That's why it is critical to ensure that your career story is a perfect match for the position.

  • Most resumes go back ten years; however, older candidates typically have valuable experience beyond that. If that experience is relevant to the position you seek, you can add the heading other relevant experience at the end of your career history. Include the name of the company and your title, but do not include the dates of employment.

  • Don't oversell yourself. Candidates with 20 or 30 years of experience are inclined to emphasize that experience. If a vacancy requires 8 years of experience and you have many more, write that you have 8+ years of experience. Otherwise, you risk experience discrimination if recruiters and hiring managers consider you overqualified.

  • Do not submit a resume longer than two pages. If you require two pages, make sure the content is relevant to the job you seek. Use language that is current and relevant to your industry. And, if you are skilled in outdated technologies, don't include them in your skillset.

  • Recruiters spend an estimated seven seconds per resume. Make your resume pleasing to the eye with the use of white space. Highlight skills that align directly with the role near the top of the page, emphasizing metrics.

  • COVID has made remote work the new normal. Show relevancy by including your work-from-home setup and familiarity with critical applications such as Slack and Zoom. If those applications are not familiar to you, find someone to mentor you so you can include them in your skillset.

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